Rethymnon is the third biggest city of Crete between cities of Heraklion and Chania and situated in the middle of Crete with 33.000 thousands habitants approximately. Rethymnon has a traditional and picturesque style. There is a port which connect the city with the biggest port of Greece –Pireaus. The economy of the city based on tourism with many hotels on it as well as the important historical sights and the big variety of sandy beaches. In addition the “University of Crete” which situated in the area “Gallou” , out of the center supports the economy of Rethymnon. In University study about 8.000 students .

Historical sights of Rethymnon:

  • Castle of Fortezza ( its built between 1573 and 1580),
  • Lotzia ( Venetian built from 17o century)
  • Prefecture of Rethymno ( neoclassic building)
  • Mosques ( tzamia) and Church of Agios Fragiskos

Archeological museum is located in the entrance of Fortezza and the Historical-Folklore museum is in the street “Vernadou”.

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