Open Sky Roof Top Bar

Amnissos “Open sky” Roof top bar 17:00-01:30

The most beautiful and idyllic part of the hotel is the brand new roof top bar “Open Sky” just above the restaurant.

The magnificent sea view and its modern design, invite you from 17:00 in the evening till late at night to enjoy your drink, soft drink or snack. As soon as the night comes the view of the summer sunset accompanied by one of our refreshing cocktails, will lead you to complete relaxation. A variety of musical events and parties with intensity and liveliness make the nights at the open sky bar unique. This is the “open skyscraper top bar” by Amnissos Residence. Enjoy!

*At the “Open sky” roof top bar you may enjoy all of the All Inclusive beverages and cocktails as well as Drinks, Signature Cocktails and Snacks against charge.

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