The name of Amnissos Hotel

The name of the hotel comes from the area AMNISSO . It was an ancient town who related with the Minoan period and the palace of Knossos.
Visitors can find the town 7km out of the city Heraklion, near to the place of Karteros.
This town was an important center of Minoan civilization.

There is the cave of goddess of maternity Ilithias. She was daughter of goddess Ira. This cave was a place of worship.
Inside is the place of shrines in which priests were living.

After years excavations found out the ruins of a Minoan Cottage, inside were fabulous murals(wall painting) and now you can find them in the museum of Heraklion.
In our days except from historical side for visitors is a good opportunity to swim in a huge sandy beach.

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