Environmental Awareness

The area of ​​Rethymno has been plagued in recent years by a lack of natural resources (water supply & electricity). The geographical position of the prefecture, in relation to the preservation of the dear ecological heritage and awareness by its inhabitants, makes it always autonomous in the production of electricity.

Since we are Environmentally Aware at our hotel, we have established and adhere to the following:

Admonitional signs have been placed in the bathrooms for not wasting water.

To save energy, passive systems have been implemented, i.e. orientation of the building on the N-N axis, application of double glazing, large thickness of external masonry, thermal insulation of walls and structural elements, thermal insulation of the roof and roof, use of energy-saving lamps, good ventilation of the space, windows with internal shades ( shutters).

Also, energy-saving magnetic cards are used in the rooms/apartments. Their use avoids reckless consumption of electricity and minimizes the risk of fire.

In the newly built building (as in the previous buildings), all windows have been double-glazed and all external frames are aluminium.

The “LED” type has been carefully selected for some of the lamps and lamps in the accommodation with high energy efficiency.

White masonry paint has been used to maximize the reflection of the sun and minimize the increase in temperature in the interior spaces.

Signs have been placed for the non-pollution of the outdoor areas.

The surrounding area has been planted maximizing the planting area.

We recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal.

Environmental and Cultural Awareness Leaflets have been prepared and distributed, both to our Staff and to our Partners/Suppliers, which are also distributed to our Customers.

The visitors could at least demonstrate during their stay, the awareness for saving the island’s natural resources.

They could turn off or turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use (TVs, air conditioners, laptops, etc.), turn on the faucet in the sink while brushing their teeth, or even not leave the taps in the apartment open.

We also support alternative forms of energy, having placed a charging station for electric cars in the central parking lot of our hotel.

Also, guests can choose, upon consultation a day before, not to change the sheets and/or towels.

From the Administration,
Amnissos Hotel


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